Shad's git server

I'm done giving Github the right to painlessly break the terms of my open-source licenses. For this reason, I'm moving from Github to this instance of Gitea.
I'll be mirroring the projects that are already on Github, but new projects will end up here instead.

Getting started

To get started, head over to the "explore" tab or have a look at my profile page:


I'll happily accept contributions that are done directly on Github. If you'd like to use this website instead, then you'll need to login through Github first. Here's a handy button for you:

About Github sign-in

The current solution for contributions (Sign In via Github) is more of a temporary solution, as I'm waiting for federation support for Gitea to get implemented.

New accounts created this way will not be able to create repositories, nor can they create organizations. They can still make forks.

If you'd like to host repositories on this instance or if you'd like to get an account without using Github, then please contact me directly (you'll find my contact infos on my main website).